Producing High Quality, Kiln-Dried Southern Yellow Pine

Thomasville, Georgia
(800) 763-2400

Balfour is fortunate to be surrounded by some of the finest timber in the world. Thomasville GA was once the stomping grounds of the ultra elite.  Surrounded by plantations owned by families who founded companies like Ford, Maybelline and others, the plantations are full of mature Longleaf and Slash Pines which have been nurtured for multiple generations.

Actively managing their land, we are given access to these wonders of the south.  They can produce some of the clearest, densest, strongest wood in the world.  Wood so good that when homes are torn down here, the wood is reclaimed and turned into fine furniture.

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Here is a list of products Balfour produces...

1x4 C, D Select, #2 Select, #3, #4, Pattern

1x6 C, D Select, #2 Select, #3, #4 Rough, Pattern

1x8 C, D Select, #2 Select, #3, #4 Rough, Pattern

1x10 C, D Select, #2 Select, #3, #4 Rough, Pattern

1x12 C, D Select, #2 Select, #3, #4 Rough, Pattern

We can offer the following patterns...1x3 (rip from 1x6), Patt. 122, Patt 105 (Novelty Siding), Patt. 116, Double Beaded Ceiling, Flooring, Center Match. Other (give us a call)


Balfour 1x6 C grade

Balfour southern pines