Producing High Quality, Kiln-Dried Southern Yellow Pine

Thomasville, Georgia
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We have just finished logging on the plantations surrounding Thomasville.  Balfour is given access to some of the finest plantations each year but for only a small window.  That window closes no later than mid May, the purpose; to allow our local quail population to breed and nurture their eggs.  Quail are as Southern as cornbread and fried chicken.  We love these little birds and try to create the perfect environment for them to thrive. 

Historically these Plantations provide some of the largest logs of the year and that has certainly been the case this year.  We have been able to take full advantage of the 12" market this year.  No one ever envisioned demand to be as strong and last as long as it did.  But alas all things must come to an end and so now we transition from these "Big Boys" to a more normal mix including medium to smaller log size.  We have plenty of tracks of timber on the books and will start processing them in the coming days and weeks. 

The future looks bright at Balfour Lumber and we appreciate all our customers do for us.  Feed back about our focus on quality has been great.  We have come a long way over the past few years and continue to look for new things we can do to make our product stand out in an ever increasingly competitive world market.  We are always open to suggestions so if you have one please call or email.  I look forward to your thoughts and ideas!

Greg Fitz

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