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Thomasville, Georgia
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Balfour historyBalfour Lumber Company began in 1935 as a division of Georgia Crate and Basket Company. The Crate Company had started a selective harvesting program for their hardwood logs and opened the sawmill division to do the same thing with pine logs from the local plantations. The sawmill primarily produced long timbers in the early years but expanded into framing and boards as the demand for wood products expanded

The Lumber Company continued as a division of the Crate Company until 1966. That year, R. C. Balfour, III purchased the sawmill operations from his father. For the next 35 years the Balfour family modernized and expanded the capacity of the company until it became a major industry in Thomasville, Georgia.

In 2001 Balfour Lumber Company was purchased by Victor and Bryant Beadles. They own Beadles Lumber Company in Moultrie, Georgia and saw potential in adding a second mill to their operations. Under the direction of these men Balfour Lumber Company continued to be modernized, computerized and shared operations with Beadles Lumber Company to minimize costs.

Today, under the direction of Bryant Beadles, Balfour Lumber Company has increased production to 65,000,000 board feet of 1" boards.  We anticipate that number to increase to 85,000,000 over the next 2 years.  Balfour employs 125 dedicated people who are eger to meet the demands of the future.

Balfour historyBalfour history