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Cants moving to the Gang
Cants moving to the Gang After the primary breakdown, the cants travel to the gang saws.
EDLF Standing along side the operator, logs moving left into trough then through the twin bans.
Gang Saw
Gang Saw Looking into the bank of saws. All set up for 1".
Sawmill Technology
Sawmill Technology The technology in sawmills today are cutting edge.
Chips on Vibrating Conveyer
Chips on Vibrating Conveyer
Pulling boards to be trimmed
Pulling boards to be trimmed After the grader puts a mark on the board, this man slides the boards back to be trimmed. (Very old school)
Boards heading to Edger
Boards heading to Edger Overview of the new Edger collecting area.
Didnt make the cut
Didnt make the cut This jacket board is headed to the edger.
Grading in the Sawmill
Grading in the Sawmill We grade our boards in the sawmill first. Clear boards are held to tighter wane limitations.
Grade Marking
Grade Marking We stamp all of our boards on the back side with our Mill #446 and KDHT so it meets any exporting requirements.
Planer mill Pull Chain
Planer mill Pull Chain Overview of the pull chain at Planer mill.
Pull Chain (Planer)
Pull Chain (Planer) We hand stack all our boards.
Planer Mill Breakdown
Planer Mill Breakdown Getting the rough dry lumber off sticks.
Hand Stacking
Hand Stacking We hand stack the lumber for maximum protection.
Dry Kilns
Dry Kilns Water vapor released during the drying process.